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ADG Lua Git Change Log

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7 years 8 months build: added custom script for configuring a home build

Just for reference purpose (and because I'm lazy).
7 years 8 months Merge remote branch 'master'

7 years 8 months build: added a way to override GObject introspection paths

New configure options, --with-lua-includedir --with-lua-lmoduledir and
--with-lua-cmoduledir, that allows to specify manually GObject
introspection directories.

By default the directory will be picked from the pkg-config file.
7 years 8 months Applied Kernighan and Ritchie indentation with 4 spaces
8 years 1 month Removed hardcoded path to GObject introspection repository

Passing directly the base name instead of the absolute path to improve
8 years 1 month Adg.lua: added hatch and hole to the sample drawing
8 years 1 month Adg.lua: code clean up
8 years 5 months [ADG] Added dimensions to adg-demo clone
8 years 5 months [Adg] Added dimensions to adg-demo clone
8 years 5 months [ADG] Moved primitive management to cpml and improved it

Basically implemented some missing methods manipulating primitive
objects just to finish the model drawing in the example program.
8 years 5 months [build] Avoid expansion of ${prefix} in pkg-config

While picking the default include and library directory for Lua, avoid
expansion of ${prefix} so the path is not hardcoded and "make distcheck"
works as expected.
8 years 5 months [docs] Updated NEWS

This step is required to fulfil the gnits option of AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE().
8 years 5 months [build] Include Lua parsing result from different directory

Previously the parsing operation resulted in the generation of a
module.def file that was expected to be in the same directory of
module.ovr, as shown by the include() helper function in utils.lua.

In VPATH builds the generated files are in a different directory than
that of the source files, so another approach should be used. Instead of
include()ing the def file, now the parsing operation generates api.lua
that is included by module.ovr throught the standard require()
mechanism, hence allowing the specification of different inclusion paths
with LUA_PATH.

The makefiles have been modified to specify $(abs_builddir) and
$(abs_srcdir) as alternative paths.
8 years 5 months [build] Set initial version to 0.0.1
8 years 5 months Updated copyright docblocks

The project is now separated from lgob: make it clear in the copyright
docblocks. Furthermore, the previous docblocks said the license is LGPL
3 so the COPYING file has been updated accordingly.
8 years 5 months Updated gitignore to include generated sources
8 years 5 months Initial autotools support: not the project is fully independent

Added autoconf/automake support to the project and modified accordingly.
8 years 6 months Implemented AdgMatrix as special type

Provided a way to access cairo matrix fields (AdgMatrix is an alias for
cairo_matrix_t) in a similar way of what done for AdgPair.

Furthermore, connected the base types (specifically GObject and
GInitiallyUnowned) to the GObject bindings so the builtinproperty
setters and getters provided by lgob now work as expected.
8 years 6 months adg: generalized special type methods
8 years 6 months Adg.lua: the tmp helper is an AdgPair, not a table
8 years 6 months s/glob/lgob/
8 years 6 months Implemented AdgPair as "special" type

lgob relies on the underline API to provide getter/setter methods.
Although it works fine with GObject items, this approach is not enough
for GBoxed types and structs because, usually, the fields are expected
to be accessed directly from the application (after all, they are C

This patch explores a way to solve the problem without touching lgob:
it considers AdgPair (a GBoxed type) as a "special" type and provides
__index and __newindex implementation for accessing the fields.
8 years 7 months Added somewhat working Cpml+Adg bindings


8 years 5 months Initial commit