ADG Lua 

ADG Lua Git Change Log

Age Message
6 years 8 months build: bumped to version 0.1.0
6 years 8 months doc: updated README and NEWS
6 years 8 months Renamed demo.lua to adg-demo.lua
6 years 8 months Split adg-demo into demo and piston

piston.lua is a module that defines the MVC of a generic piston.
demo.lua provides GTK+ make-up, populates the model and retrieves the

This will simplify future work for the web application.
6 years 8 months build: updated build system

Actually the adg-lua project is only an example application on using the
LGI bindings with ADG. In other words, ADG and LGI works together out of
the box.
6 years 8 months Updated license text to "real" GPLv3
6 years 8 months Merge branch 'lgi'

LGI bindings are now the preferred dependency for Lua bindigs for a couple
of reasons: they are working with ADG out of the box (nothing to install
apart LGI and ADG) and they have more mainstream acceptance.

The project is now a demo/test program of what can be accomplished with
LGI and ADG.
6 years 8 months Updated to last adg

Dimensions are now properly rendered and handled. The current status is
yet in a better shape than the last one that used lgob bindings.
6 years 9 months Reenabled dimensioning

With the latest updates to the ADG sources, the drawing is slowly being
shaped. Actually the quotes are rendered, although there seems to be
some miscalculations hanging around in the named pairs code.
6 years 9 months Added title block
6 years 9 months Using canvas autoscale feature instead of hard-coded map
6 years 9 months Updated to last adg
6 years 9 months adg-demo: incremental update
6 years 9 months Initial demo using LGI bindings
7 years 8 months docs: added bare README instructions
7 years 8 months build: added custom script for configuring a home build

Just for reference purpose (and because I'm lazy).
7 years 8 months Merge remote branch 'master'

7 years 8 months build: added a way to override GObject introspection paths

New configure options, --with-lua-includedir --with-lua-lmoduledir and
--with-lua-cmoduledir, that allows to specify manually GObject
introspection directories.

By default the directory will be picked from the pkg-config file.
7 years 8 months Applied Kernighan and Ritchie indentation with 4 spaces
8 years 1 month Removed hardcoded path to GObject introspection repository

Passing directly the base name instead of the absolute path to improve
8 years 1 month Adg.lua: added hatch and hole to the sample drawing
8 years 1 month Adg.lua: code clean up
8 years 5 months [ADG] Added dimensions to adg-demo clone
8 years 5 months [Adg] Added dimensions to adg-demo clone
8 years 5 months [ADG] Moved primitive management to cpml and improved it

Basically implemented some missing methods manipulating primitive
objects just to finish the model drawing in the example program.