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How to contribute

To be able to file bugs and feature requests you should sign in. Keep in mind that InDefero uses Gravatar images to quickly identify the users at a glance. For support requests or discussions that do not fit well into this tracker, a dedicated mailing list is available. Looking around or checking the state of the issues does not require any registration: this tracker is publicly accessible.

Quick links

  • Type (the type of issue reported)
    • Defect: report of a software defect
    • Feature: request for a new feature
    • Improvement: enhancement of something yet implemented
  • Priority (the seriousness of the issue)
    • Critical: a blocking issue or crashing bug
    • High: impact some crucial feature
    • Medium: normal priority
    • Low: minor issue
  • Component (where the issue is located with reference to the source code)
    • ADG: no specific location
    • ADG:Model: any model or derived object
    • ADG:Entity: any entity or derived object
    • ADG:Style: rendering customization
    • ADG:GTK: specific GTK+ support
    • CPML: Cairo Path Manipulation Library issue
    • Build: autotools, scripts, tests and demos
    • Docs: gtk-doc, XML files, docblock comments and translations
    • Tools: bindings, related projects and anything outside the ADG tree
  • Planned (in which release the issue will be / has been closed)

Getting the code

The latest source code can be browsed online. Package releases are hosted by SourceForge and can be downloaded from the ADG file release page.

You can clone the git repository either from or from SourceForge. Historically ADG was initially hosted by and cloned after a couple of years on SourceForge when they added support for git. Both the repositories will be kept up to date so choosing one versus the other is only a matter of taste.

There are also other repositories available (on GitHub or on GitLab) for more interactive development: if you want to play with the code, just clone my repository and push your changes. If you think your code is worth the inclusion in the mainstream, send a merge request when you are ready.

For instance, to clone the repository from sourceforge, build the library and run the demo program you could use:

git clone git://
cd adg

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