Issue 11: "local-changed" and "global-changed" should be emitted only at the arrange() stage

Reported by Nicola Fontana, Nov 22, 2009

Actually any map change emits a signal on the subject entity and 
children. Useless signal recomputation apart (when the maps are 
manipulated more than once), the real problem is in some situation, 
such as with AdgAlignment or AdgTable entities, these signals must 
be emitted on the definitive matrices.

The internal logic of these entities implies the matrices are 
stables: changing a map after the arrange() stage should not change 
anything while actually it updates the local and global matrices.

Comment 1 by Nicola Fontana, Nov 22, 2009

Labels: Planned:0.5.5 Component:ADG:Entity
Owner: ntd

Comment 2 by Nicola Fontana, Jan 6, 2010

Status: Started

Comment 3 by Nicola Fontana, Jan 9, 2010

Issue closed by commit 2ee5e86bf3fd8663733c9195bacc2903f1a779ef.
Status: Fixed

Comment 4 by Nicola Fontana, Feb 16, 2013

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Created: 8 years 11 months ago by Nicola Fontana

Updated: 5 years 8 months ago

Status: Fixed

Owner: Nicola Fontana