ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
2 years 5 months build: update lt versions
2 years 5 months build: bump version to 0.9.2
2 years 5 months doc: update NEWS
2 years 5 months build: conditional include adg-canvas.h

adg-canvas.h is created at configure time from a template. On in-place
builds (i.e. where $srcdir is .), the *.h glob of docs/adg/
properly includes that file. On VPATH builds instead, that file must be
manually included in EXTRA_HFILE.

It is required to include any file once (and only once) otherwise
gtk-doc will start barking and bad things will happen.
2 years 5 months build: docs are built in builddir
2 years 5 months doc: remove reference to unexistent adg-cairo-fallback section
2 years 5 months Revert "doc: add docblock to AdgGtkLayoutClass"

This reverts commit 61bbce1d30b31a0f1c0c2c2c543afbebbd3a9655.
2 years 5 months build: fix typo in gtkdoc makefile

The extra-directory list built by configure (EXTRADIR) were not passed
to gtkdoc-fixxref because it was specified as EXTRA_DIR.
2 years 5 months doc: fix typo (Paper instead of Page)
2 years 5 months doc: add docblock to AdgGtkLayoutClass

For some reason, gtk-doc expects this struct to be documented. Add a
dummy docblock to make it happy.
2 years 5 months doc: fix doc bugs to improve gtk-doc coverage
2 years 5 months adg: remove no more relevant backward workarounds
2 years 5 months build: sync with gtk-doc.make
2 years 5 months docs: update TODO.xml

TODO.xml has been left abandoned for a long time: let us sync it with
the latest commits.
2 years 5 months adg: fix GTK2 building

There is still one access to the (now unexistent) cache pointer left out
by 40c071c469ea. This is conditionally built only with GTK2 enabled.
2 years 5 months adg: cosmetic remove of double ;;
2 years 5 months i18n: update italian translation
2 years 5 months test: avoid testing global scaling on AdgLDim

An AdgLDim entity does not scale properly because of text. I did not
find the proper parameters to properly (and reliable) execute the test
2 years 5 months adg: use G_PRIVATE_ADD and friends

Use type macros to implement the private data. This in turns changes the
way private data is accessed, removing the deprecated calls to
g_type_class_add_private() and the cached pointer in the instance data.
2 years 5 months adg: adg_dim_get_dim_style()

A new API that gets the AdgDimStyle internal pointer (not sure why it is
used for). Substitutes the old _ADG_GET_DIM_STYLE macro that violates
private data access restrictions.
2 years 5 months adg: avoid invalid access to private data

Use the API and avoid accessing AdgEntityPrivate outside of AdgEntity
code. This will make refactoring of private code much easier.
2 years 8 months doc: update copyright line for 2019
2 years 8 months adg: fix quote alignment on AdgRDim
2 years 8 months cpml: add and test cpml_angle_distance
2 years 8 months adg: fix typo in adg_round docblock