ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
23 days 17 hours doc: update DOAP metadata
23 days 21 hours Merge branch 'master' of
25 days 9 hours i18n: make update-po
25 days 9 hours build: include cairo-gobject in docs/adg

The gtk-doc scanner needs to linked against the cairo-gobject library.
This was working anyway on Archlinux but Ubuntu seems to be more picky
on the library order, so without this commit the doc generation was
25 days 14 hours build: bump version to 0.8.0
25 days 15 hours doc: update NEWS
25 days 15 hours doc: update TODO
1 month 2 days cpml: drop CPML_GNUC_CONST macro

Actually the main function to get the primitive class from the type
number relies on a hash table, so further optimization are bogus.

Dropped the macro equivalent to G_GNUC_CONST because it is no more
needed (and because I suspect that macro was useless anyway).
Avoid relying on th
1 month 2 days cpml: use hash table to get the primitive class

Instead of a serie of if/else, use an hash table to get the class (a
struct filled with function pointers) from the primitive type (an
integer number).

Lowered the CPML_ARC value to keep that table small.
1 month 3 days tests: check fillets and chamfers in AdgPath
1 month 4 days tests: include GTK+ tests for AdgCanvas

The inclusion of config.h was missing, hence the GTK2_ENABLED or
GTK3_ENABLED defines were always undefined.

Added missing piece and corrected errors in tests.
1 month 4 days build: install GTK+2 in travis

By installing GTK+2, all GTK+ dependent tests are enabled also on
1 month 4 days tests: check adg_canvas_export()
1 month 4 days adg: correct size in adg_canvas_export()

Previously the above function was getting the canvas size through
adg_canvas_get_size(). This is the wrong API because it is used to get the
explicit size (that could possibly be 0), not the real size.

Use the proper API instead, i.e. adg_entity_get_extents().
1 month 5 days tests: randomly enable extents rendering
1 month 5 days tests: ensure AdgEntity has a parent when mixing locals
1 month 5 days tests: full AdgEntity coverage
1 month 5 days tests: remove commented code from AdgTextual
1 month 6 days tests: initial AdgTableRow checking
1 month 6 days adg: require a valid layout in adg_table_row_arrange()

There is no resons to provide an undefined CpmlExtents to the table row
arrange function, so added a check before using it.
1 month 6 days adg: protect AdgTableRow against null cell styling

If the main AdgTable is not arranged, the table style is still NULL.
Avoid crashing the application and uses a 0 spacing instead.
1 month 6 days adg: protect AdgTableRow from NULL rows

Improve robustness of public APIs by providing additional checks instead
of crashing the application.
1 month 7 days tests: full AdgEdges coverage
1 month 7 days tests: bare AdgEdges behavior checks
1 month 7 days adg: destination of adg_trail_put_segment is optional

Allow to only check the presence of a segment (by passing NULL as
segment argument).