ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
6 days 39 minutes doc: correct gobject introspection annotations

Some annotation became deprecated and there was a missing colon in CPML.
6 days 1 hour doc: clean gtk-doc warnings

Updated docblocks to latest gtk-doc (1.20).
6 days 6 hours doc: use docbook tags instead of |[ ]|

The behavior of the above shortcuts has been modified, so using
docbook tags explicitely restore the old behavior.
6 days 6 hours demo: avoid use of Gtk+2 specific properties in .ui
6 days 23 hours demo: merge gtk2/gtk3 versions of cpml-demo

The two sources differs only from how the cairo context is retrieved:
this is not enough to double the maintaining burden.
7 days 7 minutes demo: improve user XP in cpml-demo

Use a vertical list instead of notebook labels to select the example to
be shown by cpml-demo. Added icons to that list to quickly identify the
7 days 23 minutes doc: update and corrected to latest gtk-doc
5 months 16 days nodist: improve .gitignore

Inserted latex and latexmk generated files into .gitignore.
5 months 16 days build: update to latest aur-fedora-mingw toolchain

Updated the NSis script to pick up the right libraries in the right

Updated gschemas.compiled to gtk+ 3.12.0.
8 months 10 days build: force Travis CI to build under _build/

See the previous commit for the (ir)rationale behind this. Furthermore,
added the "make" step instead of directly jump from "./configure" to
"make check".
8 months 10 days build: added _build/ to POTFILES.skip

Ok, this one is so shitty is not even funny. When in VPATH build under
a subdirectory of top_srcdir, make check is failing in po/ with:

srcdir=../../po /usr/bin/intltool-update -m
The following files contain [...bullshits cut...]

[VPATH dir]/demo/adg-demo.ui
[VPATH dir]/demo/cpml-demo.ui

If some of these files are left out [...further bullshits...]

Now the above files are generated by configure: how am I supposed to
behave? I cannot add them to POTFILES.skip because the damned thingy
(AKA intltool) looks in all the subdirectory under top_srcdir.

To keep my sanity I added _build/ to POTFILES.skip and I will force
myself to use it (hoping to remember this) in VPATH builds.
8 months 10 days build: do not call ./configure in

This allows to do VPATH builds straight after the ./ call,
allowing an easier integration with Travis CI.
8 months 10 days build: initial attempt to support Travis CI
8 months 16 days nodist: extract desktop and web from overview.pdf

Convert the PDF pages of overview.pdf into their raster representations
using ImageMagick. Moved the needed commands into the custom makefile.
8 months 16 days nodist: added captions to overview images
8 months 17 days nodist: added overview.tex design

Provided a schematic overview of the expected desktop and web
applications design. This two schematics will be used in the web site
and maybe included in the reference manual.
8 months 17 days doc: skeleton overview document

Added build support to a bare overview.tex document and tested
dependencies on MetaPost icons.
8 months 18 days nodist: added new symbols (ADG logo and gear)

Implemented missing symbols and improved general consistency by using a
better scale factor, dependent on the underline symbol.
8 months 18 days nodist: generate symbols with .mps extension

To import graphics into LaTeX in an easier way, change the template file
name generation in the MetaPost file to a more useful way.
8 months 18 days nodist: added missing symbols

Defined cloud, tablet and workstation symbols.
8 months 19 days nodist: added

A new MetaPost file for generating miscellaneous symbols: they will be
used for documenting the overall design of a typical ADG application.
10 months 28 days doc: updated public website links

DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS is supposed to be used from command line, so
using the automake counterpart instead.
1 year 1 month build: improved win32/win64 installer

Took some advices from the ntdisp project for the windows installers:
included libgcc and the (old missing) bzip2 DLLs and modified accordingly.
1 year 1 month doc: updated NEWS