ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
2 days 16 hours Include missing file in .gitignore
2 days 16 hours adg: allow floats in scale components

Allow floating values as numerator or denominator in scale texts, e.g.
now "4.2:1", "2:3.2" and "1.2:3.4" are valid scales.
3 months 22 days build: provide fallback to be able to build with old cairo releases

cairo_surface_set_device_scale() has been introduced in a relatively
recent cairo release (1.14.0) but this breaks Travic code integration
that has 1.13.1 installed.

Implemented a fallback function (a no-op really) to be able to build and
run the test suite but warns the user the media scaling feature will not
be supported.
3 months 22 days build: fix wrong source in test-style
3 months 22 days adg: add spacing handling to AdgPangoStyle
3 months 22 days doc: improve doc grammar
5 months 11 days adg: set default critical angle to 1 degree

Use a common unit (a sexagesimal degree) as default: it is more expected
than any other arbitrary value.
5 months 16 days doc: substitute copy&paste dash with standard minus
6 months 2 days adg: do not unref weak reference in destruction

It seems the weak references are automatically removed during the
destruction of an object, so there is no need to unref them by hand.
6 months 8 days adg: add adg_canvas_get_paddings()

A convenient function to get all four paddings at once.
6 months 8 days adg: add adg_canvas_get_margins()

A convenient function to get all four margins at once.
6 months 8 days adg: add AdgCanvas:factor property

Allow to specify a factor between the global units used throughout the
drawing and the device units (AKA pixels or points, depending on the
surface type).
6 months 8 days adg: add missing constructors to AdgDash

Allow to use array and valist versions of adg_dash_new_with_dashes(),
for completeness and easier binding.
6 months 9 days adg: fix bug in tolerance layout
6 months 9 days Fix doc typo
6 months 9 days adg: allow negative limits-spacing

A negative spacing allows to squeeze out the eventual spacing from the
top and bottom of the glyphs, i.e.:

1 -0.1 can become 1 -0.1
6 months 16 days Include libpangoft2 in the installer
7 months 2 days build: update gtk-doc makefile
8 months 2 days adg: make hidden lines less spaced

Using 6mm on and 6mm off makes the segments too distant to be properly
followed if the line is short.
8 months 2 days adg: take the absolute value when computing sizes

Factors can be negatives, e.g. when the local map switches the drawing
on the X or Y axis.
10 months 23 days build: bump version to 0.9.1
10 months 23 days doc: update NEWS
10 months 23 days doc: update TODO
10 months 24 days build: convert into UTF-8

The new nsis supports UTF8 encoding and, in fact, use it by default.
10 months 24 days build: merge build-win{32,64} into build-win

Do not use symlinks (the two scripts were the same file) because a git
checkout would require a file system with symlinks support.

This is not a big issue on development (I plan to develop it on serious
operating systems) but it is a glitch when backing up the ADG on NAS.