ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
2 days 2 hours tests: add test-gtk-utils
2 days 3 hours tests: check for adg_nop() existence
2 days 3 hours tests: improve adg-utils test coverage
2 days 3 hours adg: protect adg_file_find() from NULL

Check for NULL file value before running the code. Updated the docblock
2 days 3 hours adg: include adg-type-builtins.h in headers

Include this missing header in That file is autogenerated,
hence usually found in $(builddir), let's hope using quotes in #include
does not hinder the inclusion.
2 days 4 hours adg: correct g_strcmp0 docblock
2 days 4 hours tests: g_type_init() does not have any argument
2 days 5 hours tests: call g_type_init() if needed

On GLib older than 2.34.0, g_type_init() should be called before
gtk_init(). Let's hope the same goes for g_test_init().

This could possibly solve the problem on TravisCI that is still using
2 days 5 hours tests: cosmetic changes in libadgtest

Hopefully improved the meaning of the log handler change.
2 days 5 hours adg: new adg_nop() API

I'm planning to use it to shut up the logger while testing but a NOP
function can be useful in other places too.
2 days 19 hours tests: avoid UTF-8 encoded sources

test-model.c contained some UTF-8 binary data. Unrolled in their
hexadecimal representation in the hope of solving the issue blocking the
TravisCI build.
2 days 22 hours tests: text in test-mode is UTF-8, not Latin1

Corrected highly misleading message about text being encoded in Latin1
instead of UTF-8.
2 days 23 hours tests: correct assertion in test-model

I used g_assert_true(named_pair == NULL) instead of g_assert_null(x).
This should be the same but, just in case the argument is not protected
with parenthesis, use the proper macro instead.

This is incidentally the function were the TravisCI builds stall for 10
minutes without output.
2 days 23 hours tests: correct LIBS order

Wrong library order is a problem at least on Ubuntu 14.04-LTS. Applied
the same order (although not needed) also to CFLAGS.
3 days 2 hours build: report dependency versions found in configure

Modified to show also the versions of packages found on the
system. This can be a quick help for debugging, e.g. to find out why a
specific option has not been enabled.
3 days 4 hours tests: shutdown cast warning in libadgtest
3 days 18 hours CpmlExtents: correct bug in is_inside

A covered test was failing because of a real error in the code:
cpml_extents_is_inside() was using the size of the first extents for
both the extents.
3 days 18 hours tests: do not mask the tests

Avoid workarounds to let the tests pass on specific platforms. This is
bad because can hide real problems.
3 days 18 hours tests: avoid g_test_trap_fork() in tests

To avoid cluttering stdout with warnings, I was trapping every test
without logging enable, eventually redoing the last one if failed. This
required forking the process with g_test_trap_fork(), now deprecated
because it does not always work.

Adopted another approach: GLib 2.38 introduced a new API
(g_test_set_nonfatal_assertions()) that does not abort the program on
assertion failures. So now every test stores the warninings in an
accumulator and, when finished, if the test has failed that accumulator
regenerates is replayed to show the old warnings.

Closes issue #153:
3 days 22 hours tests: move common test code in libadgtest

Instead of duplicating the common code across cpml and adg tests, use a
helper library. This should make maintenance easier.
4 days 2 hours build: include cpml-demo icons in NSIS installer

The cpml-demo program requires some icons to be installed to
differentiate the its pages in the UI.

Closes issue #159:
4 days 18 hours doc: update TODO
4 days 18 hours doc: update NEWS
4 days 19 hours build: bump version to 0.7.6
4 days 19 hours doc: howto for {adg,cmpl}_lt_version

Added some documentation on how to handle the fields on lt_version,
borrowed directly from the official libtool manual: