ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
9 hours 36 minutes tests: check fillets and chamfers in AdgPath
1 day 10 hours tests: include GTK+ tests for AdgCanvas

The inclusion of config.h was missing, hence the GTK2_ENABLED or
GTK3_ENABLED defines were always undefined.

Added missing piece and corrected errors in tests.
1 day 10 hours build: install GTK+2 in travis

By installing GTK+2, all GTK+ dependent tests are enabled also on
1 day 10 hours tests: check adg_canvas_export()
1 day 11 hours adg: correct size in adg_canvas_export()

Previously the above function was getting the canvas size through
adg_canvas_get_size(). This is the wrong API because it is used to get the
explicit size (that could possibly be 0), not the real size.

Use the proper API instead, i.e. adg_entity_get_extents().
2 days 9 hours tests: randomly enable extents rendering
2 days 9 hours tests: ensure AdgEntity has a parent when mixing locals
2 days 10 hours tests: full AdgEntity coverage
2 days 10 hours tests: remove commented code from AdgTextual
3 days 8 hours tests: initial AdgTableRow checking
3 days 8 hours adg: require a valid layout in adg_table_row_arrange()

There is no resons to provide an undefined CpmlExtents to the table row
arrange function, so added a check before using it.
3 days 8 hours adg: protect AdgTableRow against null cell styling

If the main AdgTable is not arranged, the table style is still NULL.
Avoid crashing the application and uses a 0 spacing instead.
3 days 9 hours adg: protect AdgTableRow from NULL rows

Improve robustness of public APIs by providing additional checks instead
of crashing the application.
4 days 9 hours tests: full AdgEdges coverage
4 days 9 hours tests: bare AdgEdges behavior checks
4 days 9 hours adg: destination of adg_trail_put_segment is optional

Allow to only check the presence of a segment (by passing NULL as
segment argument).
5 days 13 hours tests: add model checks
6 days 10 hours tests: check directly size-request in AdgGtkLayout

Instead of implementing different branches for getting the minimum size
set by AdgGtkLayout, directy use gtk_widget_get_size_request() that is
present either in GTK+2 and GTK+3 and it is a robust way to get what
requested by the test.
7 days 13 hours tests: do not rely on default values

GTK+2 and GTK+3 use different default values on GtkScrolledWindow for
scroll policies.
7 days 13 hours tests: abort on double signal disconnection
8 days 10 hours tests: full AdgGtkLayout coverage
8 days 11 hours tests: correct GTK+2/3 discrepancy on GtkAlignment

In GTK+3 the alignment value is clipped inside the limits while in GTK+2
seems to be left as is.
8 days 11 hours tests: AdgGtkLayout
9 days 10 hours tests: full AdgGtkArea testing
10 days 12 hours tests: more checks in AdgGtkArea