ADG Git Change Log

Age Message
8 days 2 hours adg: apply AdgEdges on multisegment paths

Modified AdgEdge cairo path generation algorithm to take into account
AdgPath with more than one segment: all segments must be handled.
8 days 11 hours adg: set segment as out paramenter in adg_trail_put_segment()
8 days 11 hours adg: reflect all the segments

Modified adg_path_reflect() to take into account also the other
segments, not only the first one.
8 days 11 hours adg: do not warn on adg_trail_put_segment out of range

adg_trail_put_segment() will be used extensively for browsing available
segments in an AdgTrail instance, so it will be quite common to pass the
end by 1.
9 days 14 hours adg: new adg_path_append_trail() API

A new path method that appends an AdgTrail to an AdgPath, also importing
the named pairs defined in the trail.
9 days 15 hours tests: fix CPML tests for TravisCI
9 days 15 hours cpml: add intersection circle-line
9 days 19 hours tests: check cpml_arc_to_curves() with different n_curves
9 days 19 hours tests: add basic CpmlArc testing
9 days 20 hours cpml: rename curve test internal functions for consistency
9 days 21 hours cpml: return only real intersections between primitives and segments

When computing intersections between a CpmlPrimitive and a CpmlSegment,
returns only real instersections. This was already planned in the old
code comments, so the test suite has been updated accordingly.
10 days 20 hours cpml: add cpml_primitive_type() API

A new function for getting the type of a CpmlPrimitive. Although not
strictly needed in C (you can use primitive->data[0].header.type), it
could be useful on for language bindings.
10 days 23 hours cpml: cosmetic changes for CpmlLine
11 days 12 hours tests: fix for new adg_path_arc()
11 days 15 hours adg: fix reverse arc rendering

There was a wrong sign in the previous algorithm for choosing the
direction of the side rendering.
12 days 17 hours cpml: fix dump argument type

When boolean is implied, explicitely specify so in the annotations.
13 days 10 hours build: fix make distcheck for gobject-introspection

GObject introspection files should be installed in specific location not
dependent on $prefix. Automake makes this quite difficult.

A couple of additional configure options (--with-girdir and
--with-typelibdir) have been implemented for specifying custom locations
where the introspection files will be installed. Although not usually
needed, I use them in "make distcheck" to set a directory under $prefix
and make automake happy.
13 days 10 hours adg: do not force wrong type on adg_path_append_cairo_path

Let gobject-introspection do the work of guessing the proper type.
13 days 23 hours doc: update copyright line for 2017
13 days 23 hours build: add copyright helper script

A script for showing and/or updating all the copyright lines. Especially
useful at the new year day.
14 days 14 hours build: remove obsolete configure-win{32,64} script

Those scripts were unsupported anyway: use build-win{32,64} instead.
16 days 48 minutes build: bump version to 0.9.0
16 days 48 minutes i18n: update it.po
16 days 51 minutes build: update gobject introspection to latest

For some unknown reason, previously "make distcheck" was failing
because it was trying to delete system gir files. I am pretty sure
"make distcheck" worked before... not sure what happened.
16 days 1 hour build: update to latest