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blob .gitignore 1 month 7 days Nicola Fontana: build: add --enable-gcov to configure 399 bytes
blob .travis.yml 2 days 6 hours Nicola Fontana: build: install GTK+2 in travis 661 bytes
blob adg.doap 1 year 11 months Nicola Fontana: doc: updated doap record 1.70 kB
blob AUTHORS 6 years 9 months Nicola Fontana: Updated my email address 34 bytes
blob 2 months 14 hours Nicola Fontana: build: po/ is not autogenerated 1.52 kB
blob ChangeLog-0.2.1 6 years 1 month Nicola Fontana: [build] Updated Changelogs using the new make target 7.61 kB
blob 1 month 4 days Nicola Fontana: build: report dependency versions found in configure 17.28 kB
blob COPYING 6 years 6 months Nicola Fontana: Updated the COPYING license 26.44 kB
blob 1 month 6 days Nicola Fontana: build: include icons theme in NSIS installer 3.72 kB
blob 1 month 7 days Nicola Fontana: build: first attempt to support coveralls 3.99 kB
blob THANKS 2 years 4 months Nicola Fontana: doc: added motivations to THANKS 132 bytes

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