git-hacks Git Change Log

Age Message
3 years 8 months gitdeploy: optionally specify a custom branch in remote2public
6 years 11 months gitdeploy: improve performances

Avoid multiple queries on the same directory. Furthermore, do not hide
the error messages, if any.
7 years 11 days gitdeploy: try to improve portability

Disabling the cache does not work anymore with SilverStripe 3.1. Try to
improve the script portability by providing an environment similar to
the one effectively used for the web, i.e. change the current directory
to the one used by the web server.
7 years 11 days gitdeploy: use absolute path for BASE_PATH
7 years 4 months post-receive.automarge: use -C MERGE_HEAD instead of --no-edit

The --no-edit option was introduced by git 1.7.9 or around that. Use
"-C MERGE_HEAD" instead that is equivalent in this case but it is
supported from much time, so this script can be used on older Debians.
7 years 5 months gitdeploy: use $dir instead of $path

$path seems to be a reserved word and is cleared at least on bash
3.2.25 (default version on my CentOS 5 server).
7 years 5 months gitdeploy: make it SilverStripe 2.4 compatible
7 years 7 months post-receive.automerge: autocommit HEAD before merging

Consider the remote working tree as a possible entry point of new data.
This is the second end of the two-way synchronization process.
7 years 7 months post-receive.automerge: update doc
7 years 7 months post-receive.merge: allow multiple branch merging

Do not use the same branch for pushing and merging. Instead allow to
push on different branches and merge the current working tree with the
last updated ref.

This allows pushing from different repository: just remember to pull
from HEAD for two-file synchronization purposes.
7 years 7 months post-receive.automerge: initial import
8 years 2 months Corrected overquoting errors
8 years 4 months gitdeploy: quoting value extraction with PHP
8 years 4 months gitdeploy: added --skip-add-locks to mysqldump
8 years 9 months gitdeploy: disable cache entirely

When using in production, the cache for a site is yet present but it is
usually owned by another user (web infrastructure dependent detail).
Hence, the TEMP_FOLDER is not writable and refresh_silverstripe crashes.

To overcome this problem, just try to avoid the cache entirely by using
BlackHole as 'default' cache backend.
8 years 10 months gitdeploy: use PHP to get database config

After all bringing up the framework seems to be the only viable way to
not get lost on every _config.php modification.
8 years 10 months gitdeploy: silent sed errors
8 years 10 months gitdeploy: corrected some bug

Removed trailing junk from the script and added "return 0" to an empty
function (shell scripts do not accept empty functions).
8 years 10 months web deployment: major reworking

The script now isolated the SilverStripe dependency in a single
function. The deployment has been improved by performing a
remote update from public before any git push.

Still lacking documentation and a way to force the synchronization of
remote from public without pushing.
8 years 10 months git-export: general enhancements
8 years 10 months git-cost: improved documentation
9 years 5 months git-export: make a clean export of the working directory
9 years 5 months git-cost: give an idea of the cost of a range of commits
9 years 5 months silverstripe: integrated docblock with more detailed instructions
9 years 5 months post-receive.sync: first implementation