GTK+2 panel 

GTK+2 panel Git Change Log

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8 years 4 months [build] Version and NEWS bumped to 0.1.1
8 years 4 months Improved build and code to be gnits compatible

Added --version to gtk2panel, improved code styling, enhanced build
system to support gnits mode and make distcheck.
8 years 4 months [build] Using proper template

Avoid manually preprocessing and pass the PACKAGE_DATADIR
path at build time through a preprocessor variable.
8 years 4 months [docs] Using bookinfo.xml instead of version.xml

Let the doc header genetated at configure time be the whole bookinfo
record instead of only the version, so also the description and the URL
can be picked up from
8 years 4 months [build] Removed dependency on shave

Since automake 1.11, silent rules have been introduced. Use them instead
of shave to decrease output noise.

When silent rules are not supported, fail gracefully to old behavior.
8 years 4 months [build] Added proper glade support

Added proper support for gladeui-1.0 and the possibility to explicitely
specify the catalog directory. This is a backporting and adaptation of
the same feature included by the ADG project:

Closes issue #69.
8 years 4 months [build] Removed unused pixmap dir
8 years 4 months [build] Cosmetic changes to
8 years 4 months [build] Prefer variables instead of hardcoded values

@ID@ is subsituted at configure time in Makefile while $(ID) generates a
variable with a default value, that for whatever reason can be overrided
at build time. Always prefer the latter approach, at least for
consistencies with my other projects.
8 years 4 months [widgets] Added explicit dependency to libwnck

When linking with the --as-needed option enabled, the interlibraries
dependencies must be explicitely set. Check this link for details:

Closes issue #68.
8 years 4 months Removed unused warnings
10 years 1 month [docs] Added mention to bug tracker
Commit b70ea3d34286d9ef3bc0c72006de8023dcf374e7, by Nicola Fontana
10 years 8 months [build] Make compatible to older versions

Do not use LT_INIT when it is not provided by the platform.
Commit fff8afddcbc7d456404a14aac4cd42b59bfe47a4, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [examples] Added xarchiver commanto to default.xml

New action and menu option for xarchiver.
Commit 8572a7e163cc3bb0e0b10556f40bda72694ba9ae, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [build] Enabled "-Wall"

Added -Wall to AM_CFLAGS in gtk2panel/,
libgpsystem/ and libgpwidgets/
Commit 003cda7ca69661e786e9fcae15bea800796c4d1b, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Improved build instructions

Mentioned the AUR PKGBUILD for Arch linux and added instruction on how
to unpack the source tarball.
Commit 3e51fe0afb7612ab11fa20941fa216cec60ca51c, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Typo in README.xml

s/apart/apart from/g
Commit 7f2f19eaaed52a9c89c46f460b82106322be4116, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [build] Removed gtkdocize from

The custom gtk-doc.make is now under git so there is no need to call
gtkdocize, also avoiding to override the gtk-doc.make.
Commit 54315faac563c0b4b316e6d5dfe3e857eff3528e, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [libgpwidgets] Ignoring gpwidgets.xml

Added libgpwidgets/.gitignore to not keep track of gpwidgets.xml, as now
it is generated from
Commit 0e865e3b130f748bca30ec2cd12262644b9d1700, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [libgpwidgets] Don't include wnck stuff on --disable-libwnck

Update the catalog file stripping the libwnck based widgets when libwnck
support is disabled. To accomplish this task, a new template file has
been added ( and the catalog file (gpwidgets.xml) is
autogenerated from it.
Commit 558d88a550207d3b0a807a124d747f4072341d77, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] New gtkrc and nuvola section in CONFIGURING.xml

Mentioned any "gtkrc" found in the same path of the GtkBuilder xml file
will be merged in the Gtk+ resource pot and that I developed gtk2panel
by referring all the icons to the KDE nuvola theme.

Also, uploaded on sourceforge a nuvola-icons tarball for easy reference.
Commit ce2e891970be72ed9bd4b7de94c633a72e14572d, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Moved docs/gnu/ to docs/

There is more than GNU required docs, so there is no more reasons to
keep the xml templates under a gnu directory.
Commit 7c5e563d04af615ee2cd6981bd59317d32a3c28b, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Added CONFIGURING.xml

New chapter to give some hints on how to configure and customize
gtk2panel. The paragraph concerning the missing icons has been moved
from DOWNLOAD.xml to CONFIGURING.xml as this is a better place.
Commit 568d225e3105b698cf8c47026452641bdb1b450e, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Added DOWNLOAD.xml

New chapter to describe how to get the sources and build the project.
Commit 1086f900d04668bf7dcb673f343087410f20bcf8, by Nicola Fontana
11 years 2 months [docs] Using DOCTYPE chapter where appropriate

s/book/chapter and added [ ] empty tag to the DOCTYPE. The latter is
honestly useless but gtk-doc requires it to be able to put the files
in "expand_content_files".
Commit 6ef48fd0346b47e9f9d70290cc699f8a0505c306, by Nicola Fontana