Junk Git Change Log

Age Message
3 months 29 days hledger.service: initial import
3 months 29 days xml2txt: initial import
3 months 29 days multipush: initial commit
3 months 29 days scanna: allow to specify a custom width
9 months 29 days borgshot: first implementation
11 months 6 days operators: first implementation
1 year 11 days listuserpackages.lua: first implementation
1 year 16 days ie6: remove long deprecated script
1 year 16 days sieve.lua: initial import
1 year 16 days scanna: initial import
1 year 16 days bupshot: initial import
1 year 3 months primes: improve implementation
1 year 4 months parsedns: first implementation
3 years 1 month cpupercentage: first implementation

A script that gets the CPU usage since the last call to itself. Useful
for providing CPU percentage for panel applets.
3 years 1 month yaml-validator: fix file name bug
3 years 6 months yaml-validator: first implementation

Provide a validator by leveraging a basic ruby installation. Kudo to

3 years 6 months grabweb: remove debugging statements
4 years 3 months post-receive.deploy: first implementation
4 years 3 months gitdeploy: improve documentation

The script internally uses bash arrays: highlight this fact in the doc.
4 years 3 months gitdeploy: improve documentation
4 years 4 months grabweb: initial implementation of a web grabber

Based on wget, this script attempts to grab a whole domain for offline
browsing. It follows every link inside the domain specified in the
arguments, e.g.:

grabweb http://www.entidi.com/

follows every link inside the entidi.com domain.
5 years 1 month schema: initial import

A script to join and convert in black & white a serie of PDF files. I'm
using it to put together the PDFs generated by an electric diagram CAD
(one PDF per page), hence the name.
5 years 2 months annotate-output: import from Debian devscripts
5 years 2 months cleanvoice: first implementation
5 years 2 months 4youtube: first implementation