ntdisp Git Change Log

Age Message
7 years 3 months doc: updated README
7 years 3 months build: added support for win64 installer
7 years 3 months gtk3: provide more useful GtkFileChooser size

There is a quite big problem in the Windows version (at least with XP):
when the window is resized (either the main one and the file chooser
one) the program almost always crashes. By providing a more decent
default to the file chooser (that by default is unusable small) the
need for resizing decreases.
7 years 4 months gtk3: update GTK+3 schemas
7 years 4 months build: add missing dll to NSis installer
7 years 9 months build: avoid double definition of dist_pkgdata_DATA
7 years 9 months lib: ntd_system_clear_error() on win32 APIs

Clear the error at the beginning of every API that could possibly check
the system error to avoid to pick up an error from the outside scope.
7 years 9 months lib: FlushFileBuffers() flushes only the output queue
7 years 9 months lib: cosmetic improvements on LPC db
7 years 9 months build: disable command prompt window on Windows
7 years 9 months gtk3: updated schema file for GtkFileChooser

The latest GTK+3 release added a new key to the schema file
(sidebar-width), so the schema must be updated in order to distribute a
valid gschemas.compiled within the NSis installer.
7 years 10 months lib: corrected serial initialization on win32

NtdSerial has a custom pointer for implementation details on different
platforms. That data on win32 platforms was improperly initialized.
7 years 10 months build: use a proper $INSTDIR on win64 installer

By default, nsis installs under "Program files (x86)" on win64 platform
while the program, being a native win64 binary, must be installed under
"Program files". Modified NSis script accordingly.
7 years 10 months build: bumped version to 0.5.0
7 years 10 months gtk3: use basedir of arg[0] instead of cwd

Under Windows, the PKGDATADIR is considered relative to the path of the
caller program, making it possible to not rely on the current working

This made the UIDIR autotools hack obsolete.
7 years 10 months gtk3: added icon for Windows
7 years 10 months build: added installer target for win32
7 years 10 months gtk3: read/write icons are now relocatable

Removed references to files from .ui file and added GtkIconFactory to
properly handle the images, either from the installed and from the
uninstalled binary.
7 years 10 months gtk3: improved UI file look up algorithm

Centralized look up in a single function and made clear the policy used:
when installed, only UIDIR is used; when uninstalled BUILDDIR and SRCDIR
are used instead.
7 years 10 months gtk3: choose the action throught a listbox

Previously the action was selected according to the current selected tab
in the nbAction GtkNotebook. That always seemed weird but, after having
seen the result under Windows, changing it became a necessity.

Now the same GtkNotebook is shown without tabs and the pages are
univoquely linked to the selection made in a listbox on its left. The
read.png and write.png icons have been added to improve the UX.
7 years 10 months doc: created read and write icons
7 years 10 months doc: added magnifying len and pencil items
7 years 10 months gtk3: added icons for different sizes
7 years 10 months docs: preliminary artwork
7 years 10 months build: corrected relocation of ntdisp-gtk3

Made relocation of ntdisp.ui in uninstalled or installed flavours work
as expected.

Closes issue #95: http://dev.entidi.com/p/ntdisp/issues/95/