ntdisp Git Change Log

Age Message
3 years 11 months Merge branch 'master' of entidi.com:ntdisp
3 years 11 months build: do not install custom GTK3 schemas

This can possibly lead to nasty bugs strictly related to how GSettings


The schemas are still included in dist to be able to compile
gschemas.compiled for Windows platforms.
3 years 11 months build: enable stellaris back end in distcheck

This is a non-working back end but it is required to build a complete
documentation, otherwise gtk-doc will complain for missing get_type.
3 years 11 months build: update gtk-doc makefiles

Update to gtk-doc 1.25.1.
3 years 11 months build: stellaris back end is disabled by default
6 years 6 months build: update ntdisp.nsi.in to latest aur-fedora-mingw

Updated references to latest toolchain build.
6 years 6 months build: improve autogen.sh robustness

Quoted $srcdir to avoid problems with unusual directory names.
6 years 6 months build: update schemas to gtk+ 3.12.0
6 years 10 months Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.code.sf.net/p/ntdisp/code
6 years 11 months build: explicitely set LIBS flags

.la files do not pull in the needed lib flags. Explicitely include them
in LDADD, in the proper order (that is after the object that uses them).
6 years 11 months win32: adjust (again) timeout settings
6 years 11 months win32: adjust timeout settings
6 years 11 months lib: add Stellaris/Tiva support

This is a preliminary (hence *not working*) implementation of the
back-end for the serial flash bootloader preprogrammed on the LM3S
Stellaris/Tiva boards provided by Texas Instruments.
6 years 11 months build: improve front/back-end modularization
6 years 11 months docs: correct double EXTRA_DIST definition
7 years 27 days doc: use better section names
7 years 27 days lib: avoid repetita iuvant typo
7 years 27 days lib: include missing glib-object

The g_type_ensure() backward compatibility API is conditional compiled
but, when needed, the build fails in ntdisp-utils-posix.c because
glib-object.h is not included and the GType argument stays undefined.
Added missing include to solve the issue.
7 years 27 days lib: include glib-object.h, required by GType

The backward compatibility API g_type_ensure() is part of GObject and
has a GType argument, so include glib.h is no more enough.
7 years 29 days doc: add 2013 to copyright notice
7 years 29 days test: update to match the new GSettings schema
7 years 29 days gtk3: add dynamic protocol list handling

Using the newly introduced protocol list API to generate the content of
the protocol GtkComboBox widget. Modified the gschema to deal with
unknown protocol indices and modified the GTK+3 front-end accordingly.

Closes issue #83: http://dev.entidi.com/p/ntdisp/issues/83/
7 years 29 days lib: add g_type_ensure() implementation

g_type_ensure() is available since glib 2.34.0: added backward
compatibility implementation.
7 years 29 days lib: correct protocol id documentation
7 years 29 days cli: use the protocol list API of lib

Instead of hard-coding the protocol list, use the newly implemented
protocol list to select the protocol. Added a new option to list the
available protocols.