silverstrap-cerulean Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 14 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 14 days Update composer.json to latest news

silverstrap-cerulean needs to be installed in themes/silverstrap_Object
so it can override silverstrap.

Previously I was using "target-dir" and installing it under
themes/silverstrap_Page but "target-dir" has been deprecated and it
seems to not work anymore.

Changed approach hoping this will last for more time.
5 years 14 days Raise minimum requirement for silverstrap to 2.2
5 years 14 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 14 days Update project to lastest silverstrap

Now silverstrap fetches the resources using JsDelivr CDN instead of the
old modular approach, so overriding is effectively a no-op.
We must override the whole instead.
5 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 7 months Update cerulean to Bootstrap 3.*.*

Changed CDN to jsDelivr and using the new convention adopted by the
silverstrap 2.1 branch.
6 years 1 day Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 day Update to Bootstrap 3.3.1
6 years 2 months Update screenshot
6 years 3 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 3 months boostrap: bump to 3.2.0
6 years 8 months Use jsdelivr as CDN to be consistent with silverstrap
6 years 8 months Use instead of a local copy

This is the natural evolution of the #e685ff340a commit on silverstrap.
It basically reduces silverstrap-cerulean to a two line template.
6 years 9 months Now silverstrap-2 is required
6 years 9 months Update doc to clarify the version numbering
6 years 9 months Update to Bootstrap 3.1.1 (silverstrap 2.0.0)
6 years 10 months Improve composer.json compatibility

Follow the hints provided by SilverStripe developers at
6 years 11 months User proper license in composer.json
6 years 11 months Install to themes/silverstrap_Page

This allows to keep the original silverstrap installation intact but
overwriting only some part of it.
6 years 11 months Add composer support
7 years 1 month Improved navbar-text rendering
7 years 1 month Emphasized brand
7 years 1 month Use proper margin-top for navbar-form boxes

cerulean has the top bar 50px high while the default bootstrap theme is
40px. Added a margin-top of 5px to vertically center navbar-form items.
7 years 3 months Drop custom

Use the default template that expects the favicon to be
present in the base directory.