silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
7 years 4 months Allow custom image URLs

colorbox by default detects if an URL is an image by checking if the
ending part is a common image extension (.jpeg, .png etc...). This
clashes with the custom URLs used by silverstripe-adg to dynamically
generate the technical drawing, so the checking is now disabled.
7 years 4 months Added link to the development tracker in README
7 years 4 months mv LICENSE COPYING
7 years 4 months Added

This makes easier to override the favicon. Removed useless author
metadata from <head>.
7 years 4 months Using proper $ContentLocale as html@lang
7 years 4 months Updated docs for publishing

Added GNU required docs (AUTHORS and LICENSE) and improved,
formatting it in markdown.
7 years 4 months Better doc for accessing parent nodes
7 years 4 months Added basic support for form rendering

The default templates provided by SilverStripe are totally differents
from the approach taken by Bootstrap.

Implemented a subset of fields in a Bootstrap compatible way (for as
much as possible): rendering and PHP are not properly decoupled (e.g.
extraClasses is supposed to be appied to <input> but I found no way to
apply custom classes to the <div> holder).
7 years 4 months Added proper editor.css handling

The provided editor.css uses the bare bootstrap style. If you override
the bootstrap style (i.e. by modifying the template),
editor.css should be overriden too (do not ask me how though).
7 years 4 months Added some CSS for lazy image zooming
7 years 4 months Added colorbox for image zooming
7 years 4 months Stripped ".min" suffix from CSS

SilverStripe dump <% require %> tag is unable to deal with non-trivial
file names.
7 years 4 months Templates are now more modular

Instead of using incipit/explicit, modularized the templates to be based
on the functionality provided (JQuery, Bootstrap and silverstrap). This
will likely result in a more comprehensible structure.
7 years 4 months Force bottom-margin to be as top-margin on #content
7 years 4 months Update to latest silvestripe-autotoc
7 years 4 months Added scrollspy support

Using data-target in links because SilverStripe rewrites the hash
(otherwise they will be referenced to the <base> href).
7 years 4 months Including only the first level of the TOC

Nested TOC levels can become pretty unusable if the nav-list is .affix
and the list is long (such as in the case of a Gtkdoc page), so listing
only the first menu level.
7 years 4 months Update to latest silverstripe-autotoc

Clearly separated content with autotoc from standard content by using
two different templates: and Using
$AugmentedContent in the latter, as required by the lastest improvement
to the Autotoc module.
7 years 4 months Updated to latest silverstripe-autotoc
7 years 4 months Added multilevel page support to navbar
7 years 4 months Using TOC instead of page tree in nav
7 years 4 months Added footer sitemap
7 years 4 months Using HTML5 elements
7 years 4 months Initial import