silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
6 years 9 months Cite silverstripe-autotoc as compatible module
6 years 9 months Do not set "minimum-stability" in composer

This field is intended for projects, not for themes: stripped it from
6 years 9 months Correct composer.json support URLs
6 years 9 months Add experimental composer.json
6 years 10 months Add CSS support for title buttons (silverstripe-project)
6 years 10 months Move Autotoc template code on its own

Modularizing the templates should make easier its overriding.
6 years 11 months Using $MenuTitle instead of $Title in menu
7 years 6 hours Revert "Move cache logic into"

This reverts commit 4d7a71077ffa185fea7b56092042be8a1934f03a.

Having <% cached %> blocks in prevents the uncaching of data in
the included templates, defeating the whole purpose of "dynamic site".
7 years 6 hours Move cache logic into

This should make the maintenance easier. The performance gain, if any,
is negligible (tested, not guessed).
7 years 8 hours Modularized the <head> section

Include the <head> code from external files instead of hardcoding it
inside This makes easier to modify the head in subtemplates or
to extend
7 years 3 days Explicitely handle images without zoomed couterpart
7 years 4 days Use .page-header to results title
7 years 4 days Do not add autotoc, title and other content to error pages
7 years 4 days Allow some custom vertical spacing
7 years 5 days Cache the sitemap

Use SilverStripe partial caching to boost performances on sites where
generating the sitemap is costly (such as on

These are the peformance results on the local aforementioned website:

ab -n100 -c 10

Time Request per seconds
uncached 8.965 11.15
cached 3.934 25.42
7 years 5 days Get rid of custom style in HTML
7 years 5 days Use explicit tags for metadata

$MetaTags adds too much noise to the <head> section: use explicit tags
to get cleaner markup.
7 years 5 days Include metadata from the CMS

SilverStripe provides a specific tag ($MetaTags) for including the
(optional) metatags in the generated HTML: use it.
7 years 5 days Enhance search form accessibility

Added field description via the title attribute and set to "required"
the search terms, as there is no reason to look up an emtpy string.
7 years 8 days Stylish improvement on .boxed
7 years 8 days Handle .pull-left zoom image
7 years 15 days Use navbar-form instead of navbar-search

navbar-search seems to be designed to not have any button bound to it,
so its style with a button sucks. Using navbar-form improves its
7 years 1 month Picking minified JQuery from google CDN
7 years 1 month Look to favicon.ico in the base directory

Although the favicon can be in any directory referred to by the <link>
element, some web services (most notably yahoo) do not fetch the HTML,
hence not honoring the <link> reference.
7 years 2 months Using $HolderClasses instead of $extraClasses in holders