silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
6 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 7 months Cite latest silverstrap version is 2.x.x
6 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 7 months Update doc

Cite the new release is based on Bootstrap 3.
6 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'

Porting to Bootstrap 3 completed.
6 years 7 months glyphicons are now under fonts/
6 years 7 months Use the default theme instead of the inverse
6 years 8 months Simplified default footer
6 years 8 months Initial port to Bootstrap 3 (3.1.1)
6 years 9 months Improve composer.json compatibility

Follow the hints provided by SilverStripe developers at
6 years 9 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 9 months Put a link to forms/ in Includes/

This make the theme compatible with SilverStripe 3.1. Without this
commit it is used the default template provided by sapphire.
6 years 9 months Invalidate NAV cache on different page count

When removing a page the NAV cache must be invalidated. Only using the
LastEdited field is not enough, so a count() of the Page has been
appended the cache key.
6 years 9 months User proper license in composer.json
6 years 9 months Cite silverstripe-autotoc as compatible module
6 years 9 months Do not set "minimum-stability" in composer

This field is intended for projects, not for themes: stripped it from
6 years 9 months Correct composer.json support URLs
6 years 9 months Add experimental composer.json
6 years 10 months Add CSS support for title buttons (silverstripe-project)
6 years 10 months Move Autotoc template code on its own

Modularizing the templates should make easier its overriding.
6 years 11 months Using $MenuTitle instead of $Title in menu
7 years 6 hours Revert "Move cache logic into"

This reverts commit 4d7a71077ffa185fea7b56092042be8a1934f03a.

Having <% cached %> blocks in prevents the uncaching of data in
the included templates, defeating the whole purpose of "dynamic site".
7 years 6 hours Move cache logic into

This should make the maintenance easier. The performance gain, if any,
is negligible (tested, not guessed).
7 years 8 hours Modularized the <head> section

Include the <head> code from external files instead of hardcoding it
inside This makes easier to modify the head in subtemplates or
to extend
7 years 3 days Explicitely handle images without zoomed couterpart