silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 month Remove hand-crafted caption on carousel

I do not remember why I put that crap in the CSS: it breaks the caption
on the standard Bootstrap 3.1 carousel. Removed to be able to use it
6 years 1 month Implement a proper editor.css

Bootstrap does not follow SilverStripe conventions, so there is no
.typography class there. Port a substed of the relevant CSS into
editor.css to have a (basic) working typography in the CMS.
6 years 1 month Content: split in ContentHeader and ContentBody

This subdivision makes easier the overriding of the page content. For
instance, my silverstripe gallery module can override only to
include the gallery between header and body.
6 years 1 month Content: put the title above the TOC

When using autotoc, vertically align the table of contents to the
content instead of the title. This will keep the title above it.
6 years 1 month Avoid using the theme when not required

Do not forcibly include the default theme. This makes overriding easier
as you do not need to override to use a custom theme: just
include your custom theme (e.g. a Bootswatch theme) after it.
6 years 2 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 2 months colorbox: bump to 1.5.9 (URL from MaxCDN)
6 years 2 months jquery: bump to 1.11.1 (URL from MaxCDN)
6 years 2 months html4shiv: bump to 3.7.2 (URL from MaxCDN)
6 years 2 months bootstrap: bump to 3.2.0

Adopted official URLs provided by MaxCDN.
6 years 4 months Compact subsequent ss-lang items
6 years 6 months Remove class from checkbox <input>

Bootstrap expects a plain <input type="checkbox"> for checkbox fields,
so removing bogus classes from the template. Leaving other attributes
intact tough (required, value, name etc...).
6 years 7 months Use as CDN server

Those guys [0] provide a lot of javascript libraries, so it is now
possible to use a single provider ( instead of multiple
ones (, ecc...). This should at least reduce
the DNS query and make the code cleaner.

colorbox.css has been merged inside silverstrap.css and colorbox.jss is
now feeded from jsdelivr.

6 years 7 months Remove local glyphicons copy

The bootstrap.css provided by pulls in its own
glyphicons version, making the local copy a bogus instance.
6 years 7 months Use CDN instead of a local copy of Bootstrap

This will make the update much easier (maybe automatic in the future)
and allow to drop some code from the repository. It should probably
make the web browsing faster.
6 years 7 months Avoid using non-standard metatag

Instead of using a non-standard tag [1] for making IE happy (hence
invalidating the page), do this at web server level [2].

[1] <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
[2] For apache, use `Header set X-UA-Compatible "IE=edge"'
6 years 7 months Include features in plain silverstrap

Added some quite common features to bare silverstrap:

* improved table of contents (#ss-toc) with affix and scrollspy;
* enable Bootstrap gallery if found (#ss-gallery);
* include external language links (.ss-lang) into the navbar;
* provide a company widget (.ss-company).

Split from to simplify overriding.
7 years 4 months Allow custom image URLs

Reapplied #0ab3b5c5dc996dee: colorbox by default detects if an URL is
an image by checking if the ending part is a common image extension
(.jpeg, .png etc...). This clashes with the custom URLs used by
silverstripe-adg to dynamically generate the technical drawing, so
that checking is now disabled.
6 years 7 months Remove .ss-buttons, no more required by silverstripe-project
6 years 7 months Improve external reference handling

Moved all external dependencies on its own template
(templates/Includes/ to have cleaner code.
Inline javascript for autotoc handling has been put inside
6 years 7 months Update colorbox to 1.4.37

This solves the scrollbar problem raised by the silverstrap 2 update.
6 years 7 months Correct $extraClass behavior

The extraClass, if defined, must not prevent col-sm-5 on a form field.
6 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 7 months Add support for abitrary nested levels in navbar

The current implementation is bad for web-mobile but a javascript
work-around that does not use hover is quite easy to add: