silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 6 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 6 months Provide a SilverstrapCombined version of

jsdelivr is able to combine multiple requests into a single one:
document this behavior in and provide an example on how
to do that.
5 years 6 months Move CDN to jsdelivr is *much* more flexible than any other CDN solution I
found and it has an open development approach:
5 years 6 months Update bootstrap to 3.3.4
5 years 6 months Use in Html5Shiv so we can avoid one HTTP request
5 years 7 months Improve README wording and update to current practices
5 years 7 months doc: TOC is now on the right side
5 years 9 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 9 months New hovering component

Styled a new component in silverstrap.css to be able to show new content
when hovering with the mouse on some old content. Useful when presenting
a web portfolio.
5 years 10 months Disable affix on #ss-toc on small devices

Do a media query on silverstrap.css to disable the affix features of the
autotoc div: on small devices it must follow the text flow.
5 years 10 months as page header in small devices

Rearranged the autotoc div by moving it before the content and at the
top of the page on small devices.
5 years 10 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 10 months Update bootstrap to 3.3.1
5 years 11 months Require silverstripe 3.1

There is a bug in SilverStripe 3.0.5: comments (<%-- --%>) cannot be
multiline. I use multiline comments everywhere, so I prefer to just drop
backward compatibility on the 3.0 branch.
5 years 11 months Revert "Improve backward compatibility of the template"

This reverts commit 7fbacf4d4e543bbdf9d989dac43faeb5cea75255.
The template is question still hangs on SilverStripe 3.0.5.
5 years 11 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 11 months Improve backward compatibility of the template

Avoid nesting <% %> tags inside <%-- --%> comments. It breaks at least
SilverStripe 3.0.5.
5 years 11 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 11 months Modularize results page

Split the template in several subtemplates, in a similar way of what
done for the standard page.

Furthermore, improved consistency with, e.g. rendered the title
in using the same markup of
5 years 11 months Allow a custom subtitle in ContentHeader

Now you can pass a custom string to be rendered as subtitle, e.g.:

<% include ContentHeader subtitle=$MetaDescription %>
6 years 19 days Allow overriding of top/bottom offset in affix
6 years 22 days Update screenshot
6 years 22 days Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 24 days Include minified version of JQuery 1.11
6 years 26 days Add support for 2 level nesting in nav-stacked