silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 4 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 4 months Avoid zooming outside of the screen area
5 years 4 months Use jsdelivr as CDN for fotorama

This provides several advantages over other CDN solution: above all it
is opensource oriented and it can merge requests.
5 years 4 months Update composer.json
5 years 4 months Make carousel slide responsive and centered
5 years 4 months Include carousel and gallery in suggested packages
5 years 4 months Properly enable Fotorama library
5 years 4 months Refactor javascript and enable Fotorama
5 years 4 months Include template from entidi/silverstripe-gallery

Move the bootstrap based gallery template into silverstrap, leaving in
silverstripe-gallery a more generic one. This allows the template to
work out of the box without silverstrap installed.
5 years 4 months Update CarouselPage to latest changes
5 years 4 months Include template from entidi/silverstripe-carousel

Default silverstripe-carousel template is now based on bxSlider.
Moved the old template (a bootstrap based one) in this project as it was
anyway relying on some silverstrap convention (hence it was not working
out of the box without silverstrap).
5 years 5 months Avoid huge quotations
5 years 7 months Correct overriding example in README
5 years 7 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 7 months Provide a SilverstrapCombined version of

jsdelivr is able to combine multiple requests into a single one:
document this behavior in and provide an example on how
to do that.
5 years 7 months Move CDN to jsdelivr is *much* more flexible than any other CDN solution I
found and it has an open development approach:
5 years 7 months Update bootstrap to 3.3.4
5 years 7 months Use in Html5Shiv so we can avoid one HTTP request
5 years 8 months Improve README wording and update to current practices
5 years 8 months doc: TOC is now on the right side
5 years 10 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 10 months New hovering component

Styled a new component in silverstrap.css to be able to show new content
when hovering with the mouse on some old content. Useful when presenting
a web portfolio.
5 years 11 months Disable affix on #ss-toc on small devices

Do a media query on silverstrap.css to disable the affix features of the
autotoc div: on small devices it must follow the text flow.
5 years 11 months as page header in small devices

Rearranged the autotoc div by moving it before the content and at the
top of the page on small devices.
5 years 11 months Merge branch 'dev'