silverstrap Git Change Log

Age Message
4 years 11 months Merge branch 'dev'
4 years 11 months Avoid symlinks inside the repository

git or composer are not able to properly handle symlinks, so the
previous approach of symlinking Includes/ to forms/ was
not succesfull.

Avoid the symlink in the first place by including (via template)
Includes/ from forms/
4 years 11 months Merge branch 'dev'

SilverStrap 2.2.0

This release includes some major features.

- Added out of the box support for the silverstripe/blog module.
- Added out of the box support for the silverstripe/comments module.
- Refactored the modularization of resource (i.e. js and CSS) fetching.
- Added the possibility to fetch the resources from the file system,
basically allowing off-line development.
- Improved README documentation.
4 years 11 months README: include the Installation section
4 years 11 months README: update features

Included in the feature the out of the box support for silverstripe/blog
and silverstripe/comments.
4 years 11 months Initial support for blog

Ported some template of the silverstripe/blog and silverstripe/comments
projects under bootstrap. Actually the blog seems usable but it still
needs more testing.
4 years 11 months Add spacing after the page content

The top spacing is handled by the <h1> tag but the vertical spacing
after all content was lacking.
4 years 11 months Add .typography to every $Content container

This does nothing on the bootstrap: it is just a SilverStripe
convention. As I am planning to support the silvestripe blog out of the
box, let's embrace this convention.
4 years 11 months Move $Form outside of <main>

$Form (usually used for logging in to the CMS) is not logical part of
the content, so I moved it outside the <main> element.
4 years 11 months Update the overriding instruction
4 years 11 months Update colorbox offline image to 1.6.3
4 years 11 months Escape attributes in template

When an attribute could be potentially dangerous, escape it with .ATT.
4 years 11 months Correct brand href

To access the document base URL (i.e. the link to the home page) a dot
must be used. The previous approach (the slash) returned the root of the
domain and it does not work if the website is not installed there.
5 years 1 month Include offline images
5 years 1 month Update documentation
5 years 1 month Add offline inclusion method

Allow to include the dependencies directly from the filesystem instead
of relying on online resources.
5 years 1 month Modularize Silverstrap common components inclusion

Split in two different ways the modular and jsdelvr methods for
including standard components and called from the the
default one (jsdelivr).

Documented both methods and provided a fallback for the old template.
5 years 1 month Always quote requirement URLs

Although not strictly needed, quoting CSS and javascript improves
5 years 3 months Remove role="navigator" to <nav>

That item already has a navigation purpose. Drop a warning on the HTML5
5 years 3 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 3 months Allow different captions for colorbox and fotorama

This is an important commit that greatly improves the gallery module. It
allows to have different captions between Fotorama and Colorbox,
allowing e.g. HTML captions on Fotorama while having a single line
caption on Colorbox.
5 years 3 months Improve styling of Fotorama captions
5 years 3 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 3 months Avoid zooming outside of the screen area
5 years 3 months Use jsdelivr as CDN for fotorama

This provides several advantages over other CDN solution: above all it
is opensource oriented and it can merge requests.