silverstripe-adg Git Change Log

Age Message
7 years 7 months Update to silverstrap 2
8 years 3 months Pass data throught a GET request

Session handling of SilverStripe gets in the way and I had been unable
to track down the problem: when more users were using the Adg form the
generated drawing was not in sync with the data.

Directly embedding the piston data into the GET request solves the issue
and furthermore it allows the caching of the result.
8 years 3 months Disable HTTP caching in responses
8 years 4 months Major refactoring to match silverstrap

Using out of the box the silverstrap theme instead of the old one
compatible with the default theme of SilverStripe 3 (simple).
8 years 6 months Added possibility to override passthru call via .htaccess
8 years 6 months Two layout CSS form
8 years 6 months Corrected checkbox in session bug
8 years 6 months Include exporting of DISPLAY in adg-web.lua call

Make it possible to use an ADG build with GTK+ support enabled. Check
this commit to see the motivation.
8 years 6 months Bare implementation of the whole stack
8 years 6 months Initial commit