The source repository is available also on GitHub.

This is basically a SilverStripe 3 module that extends the DataObject class by providing two additional tags:

  • $Autotoc: containing the table of contents dynamically created from the content of the current page. The tree is provided as a mixture of ArrayData and ArrayList, ready to be consumed by templates.
  • $AugmentedContent: similar to $Content but augmented with anchors (<a> elements with the id attribute but without href) that adds proper destination targets to the links in $Autotoc.

To see a live example of this module, you can browse the ADG canvas website: every table of contents is generated dynamically!

Autotoc format

The $Autotoc is a tree that can be represented with the following pseudo representation:

$Autotoc = ArrayData( $Children <- <CHILDREN> )
<CHILDREN> = ArrayList( <ITEM> )
<ITEM> = ArrayData( $Id, $Title [, $Children <- <CHILDREN> ] )

In a more SilverStripe template way, this can be seen as:


The and shows a way to represent the whole table of content tree in a recursive way. The format used is intentionally compatible with the Bootstrap navlist components, so it can be used and it will be properly handled by the Silverstrap theme.

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