silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 10 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 10 days Add TravisCI badge in
5 years 10 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 10 days Correct typo
5 years 10 days Add Packagist stable version badge to
5 years 10 days Improve

Added latest news and some missing information.
5 years 10 days Merge branch 'pr2' into dev
5 years 10 days Improve tests interoperability

Avoid relying on being in a specific path by using __DIR__ and drop
manual inclusion of files.

This should make the project TravisCI ready so I can merge the
ntd/silverstripe-autotoc#2 pull request.
5 years 10 days Tocify custom field instead of Content

Although the "Content" field is the main candidate for
silverstripe-autotoc, do not assume it. Allow instead to customize the
field name on a class basis by setting the MyClass.content_field
property via YAML, e.g.:

content_field: 'Details'
content_field: 'Biography'

Keep in mind Autotoc must be applied to a *controller*.

If not specified, 'Content' is assumed so backward compatibility is
5 years 11 days Empty lines after class are not needed in PSR-2 mode
5 years 11 days Merge branch 'pr3' into dev
5 years 11 days Enhance composer.json

Improved taxonomy and added dev requirements (PHPunit).
5 years 11 days Use YAML for configuration

This has the added advantage that the module now does not depend on
silverstripe-cms but only on silverstripe-framework (previously it was
extending forcibly the ContentController class, present in the CMS).
5 years 19 days Converted to PSR-2
5 years 19 days Added standard Travis config
5 years 1 month Merge pull request #1 from helpfulrobot/add-standard-editorconfig-file

Added standard .editorconfig file
5 years 1 month Added standard .editorconfig file
6 years 10 months Do not handle $Content if does not exist

Avoid a warning when trying to access $Content on a DataObject that does
not have it, for instance when logging in.
7 years 1 day Improve composer.json compatibility

Follow the hints provided by SilverStripe developers at

Furthermore, trying to change the default installation directory by
defining the somewhat undocumented extra/installer-name option.
7 years 13 days Revert "Use a less verbose package name"

This reverts commit 9a950978f04cfae7a72f6e7de4f4dca89b1d607a.
The package name is already registered at The original
intent was to rename the default module directory from
"silverstripe-autotoc" to "autotoc" but this seems to be the wrong way.
7 years 13 days Use a less verbose package name
7 years 27 days Use proper license in composer.json
7 years 27 days Add missing comma to composer.json
7 years 27 days Cite silverstrap as compatible theme in composer
7 years 27 days Add composer support