silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

Age Message
3 years 21 days Merge branch 'dev'
3 years 21 days Update CHANGELOG
3 years 21 days Use short hashes in docs
3 years 21 days Add link to standard code of conduct
3 years 21 days Update gitattributes
3 years 21 days Improve README
3 years 21 days Move templates in namespaced directories
3 years 21 days Major refactoring for SS4
3 years 28 days Fix Tocifier instantiation call
3 years 29 days Use the injector for instantiating the Tocifier
3 years 29 days Add missing namespace to default augment callback
3 years 29 days Fix minor bugs in AutotocExtension
3 years 29 days Fix YAML configuration

I got a circular dependency error. On silverstripe-framework#6700 [1],
kinglozzer suggested to remove before/after blocks from
`mysite/_config.yml` but I am still getting the same error, so I suppose
I need to remove those blocks from other YAML too.

3 years 30 days Remove silverstripe recipe from composer

The recipe seems to be not required for testing and forcibly modifies
composer.json on every update (see commit 6fd6dc4f409c).
3 years 30 days Strip project-files-installed from composer.json
3 years 30 days Restore old package name

Renaming a package in packagist is not straigthforward:

Keep the old name until a better approach is implemented.
3 years 30 days Fix issue highlighted by phpcs
3 years 30 days Add support for PHP CodeSniffer
3 years 30 days Update composer and scrutinizer according to mainline
3 years 30 days Set minimum-stability to dev

Check if lowering the minimum-stability resolves the scrutinizer block:
3 years 30 days Fix path in scrutinizer YAML
3 years 30 days Update travis infrastructure for SS4
3 years 30 days Fix Travis issue on old supported PHP
3 years 30 days Update codebase for PHP 7
3 years 30 days Initial porting to SilverStripe 4