silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

Age Message
5 months 24 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 months 24 days Add code coverage badge to README
5 months 24 days Add annotations to TestObject

This will clear some bogus bugs from scrutinizer and will greatly
improve the behavior documentation for the casual reader.
5 months 24 days Using new PHP array notation [] instead of array()
5 months 24 days Add coverage support to TravisCI
5 months 24 days Trying to enable code coverage reports
5 months 24 days phpcs cosmetic change
5 months 24 days Clarify content field pitfalls in docs
5 months 24 days Fix content field overriding only "Content"
5 months 25 days Remove unused internal methods from tests
5 months 25 days Fix Hacks docblocks
5 months 25 days Remove unreachable code
5 months 25 days Merge pull request #11 from ntd/scrutinizer-patch-1

Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes
5 months 25 days Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes

This commit consists of patches automatically generated for this project on
Commit 601c2f0b59200dbd49cb6f355932538cff86cdff, by Scrutinizer Auto-Fixer
5 months 25 days Merge branch 'dev'
5 months 25 days Update CHANGELOG
5 months 25 days Use short hashes in docs
5 months 25 days Add link to standard code of conduct
5 months 25 days Update gitattributes
5 months 26 days Improve README
5 months 26 days Move templates in namespaced directories
5 months 26 days Major refactoring for SS4
6 months 2 days Fix Tocifier instantiation call
6 months 2 days Use the injector for instantiating the Tocifier
6 months 2 days Add missing namespace to default augment callback