silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

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9 months 20 days Merge pull request #9 from ntd/scrutinizer-patch-1

Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes
9 months 20 days Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes

This commit consists of patches automatically generated for this project on
Commit 5bc2a280ac5b24b86fffe85838f02dd35bdce936, by Scrutinizer Auto-Fixer
9 months 20 days Merge branch 'dev'
9 months 20 days Update
9 months 20 days Change default anchor method to setId

Previously I was using an unreferenced <a> element with the specific ID.
This does not have any advantage over directly setting that ID on the
<h> element, so switching to the latter method by default.

This breaks backward compatibility, so bumping minor version.
9 months 20 days Merge branch 'dev'
9 months 20 days Update
10 months 2 days Allow customization of augmenting method
11 months 28 days Merge branch 'dev'
11 months 28 days Update
11 months 28 days Add
11 months 28 days Exclude docs from gitattributes
11 months 28 days Correct documentation link
11 months 28 days Reorganize documentation

Let's try to follow the guidelines provided by SilverStripe:
1 year 18 days Trying to improve Scrutinizr ranking

Cosmetic improvements, e.g. added missing docblocks.
1 year 18 days Merge branch 'dev'
1 year 18 days Remove some redundancy from XPath expression
1 year 18 days Add tests for data-hide-from-toc
1 year 18 days Avoid bogus \n when augmenting the HTML
1 year 3 months Added standard Scrutinizer config
1 year 18 days Allow easy testing from CLI
1 year 18 days Merge branch 'master' into dev
1 year 18 days Merge pull request #7 from Cheddam/bug/minimum-php-version

Add minimum PHP version requirement
1 year 18 days Added minimum PHP version requirement.
Commit 1bd030b1ce5c1824c858107c09de273fcecc54e5, by Garion Herman
1 year 21 days Merge pull request #6 from Cheddam/feature/hide-from-toc-attribute

Add `data-hide-from-toc` attribute to ToC query