silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

Age Message
11 months 12 days Merge branch 'dev'
11 months 12 days Add code coverage badge to README
11 months 12 days Add annotations to TestObject

This will clear some bogus bugs from scrutinizer and will greatly
improve the behavior documentation for the casual reader.
11 months 12 days Using new PHP array notation [] instead of array()
11 months 12 days Add coverage support to TravisCI
11 months 12 days Trying to enable code coverage reports
11 months 12 days phpcs cosmetic change
11 months 12 days Clarify content field pitfalls in docs
11 months 12 days Fix content field overriding only "Content"
11 months 13 days Remove unused internal methods from tests
11 months 13 days Fix Hacks docblocks
11 months 13 days Remove unreachable code
11 months 13 days Merge pull request #11 from ntd/scrutinizer-patch-1

Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes
11 months 13 days Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes

This commit consists of patches automatically generated for this project on
Commit 601c2f0b59200dbd49cb6f355932538cff86cdff, by Scrutinizer Auto-Fixer
11 months 13 days Merge branch 'dev'
11 months 13 days Update CHANGELOG
11 months 13 days Use short hashes in docs
11 months 13 days Add link to standard code of conduct
11 months 13 days Update gitattributes
11 months 14 days Improve README
11 months 14 days Move templates in namespaced directories
11 months 14 days Major refactoring for SS4
11 months 21 days Fix Tocifier instantiation call
11 months 21 days Use the injector for instantiating the Tocifier
11 months 21 days Add missing namespace to default augment callback