silverstripe-autotoc Git Change Log

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10 months 21 days Merge pull request #9 from ntd/scrutinizer-patch-1

Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes
10 months 21 days Scrutinizer Auto-Fixes

This commit consists of patches automatically generated for this project on
Commit 5bc2a280ac5b24b86fffe85838f02dd35bdce936, by Scrutinizer Auto-Fixer
10 months 21 days Merge branch 'dev'
10 months 21 days Update
10 months 21 days Change default anchor method to setId

Previously I was using an unreferenced <a> element with the specific ID.
This does not have any advantage over directly setting that ID on the
<h> element, so switching to the latter method by default.

This breaks backward compatibility, so bumping minor version.
10 months 21 days Merge branch 'dev'
10 months 21 days Update
11 months 3 days Allow customization of augmenting method
1 year 30 days Merge branch 'dev'
1 year 30 days Update
1 year 30 days Add
1 year 30 days Exclude docs from gitattributes
1 year 30 days Correct documentation link
1 year 30 days Reorganize documentation

Let's try to follow the guidelines provided by SilverStripe:
1 year 1 month Trying to improve Scrutinizr ranking

Cosmetic improvements, e.g. added missing docblocks.
1 year 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
1 year 1 month Remove some redundancy from XPath expression
1 year 1 month Add tests for data-hide-from-toc
1 year 1 month Avoid bogus \n when augmenting the HTML
1 year 4 months Added standard Scrutinizer config
1 year 1 month Allow easy testing from CLI
1 year 1 month Merge branch 'master' into dev
1 year 1 month Merge pull request #7 from Cheddam/bug/minimum-php-version

Add minimum PHP version requirement
1 year 1 month Added minimum PHP version requirement.
Commit 1bd030b1ce5c1824c858107c09de273fcecc54e5, by Garion Herman
1 year 1 month Merge pull request #6 from Cheddam/feature/hide-from-toc-attribute

Add `data-hide-from-toc` attribute to ToC query