Issue 166: Feature request: Link to a page / url

Reported by Mischa Kroon, Aug 30, 2016

Expected result:
Being able to add a link to a slide

Actual result:
Not being able to do just that :)

Comment 1 by Nicola Fontana, Aug 30, 2016

Hi Mischa,

do you mean you want the frames to be clickable?

You can insert links by e.g. disabling the caption and using it as 
the URL of the link. I used this approach in the home page of a 
website I recently developed ( where the caption 
is hardcoded in the images. Of course you need to modify your 
templates to use that field ($Content) as link (see the attachment).

If you want something more "serious" you need to extend 
Image (via DataExtension!) and add a new field. Then you will use 
that field instead of $Content in the new template.

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