The silverstripe-feedreader module implements a new page type (FeedReaderPage) that can access the data contained in an external RSS 2.0 or ATOM 1.0 feed. The feed format is automatically deduced from its content, that is if the //channel/item XPath expression resolves to a non-emtpy list it is considered an RSS2 feed, otherwise it is considered ATOM1, and the //feed/entry expression will be used instead.


  1. Install the module in your base path (the directory with cms and framework in it) in one of the following way:

    1. Download the tarball and extract it:
    2. Clone the repository:
      git clone
    3. Install with composer:
      composer require entidi/silverstripe-feedreader dev-master
  2. Make sure the folder after being extracted is named feedreader

  3. Run in your browser /dev/build to rebuild the database.
  4. You should see the new Feed reader page type in the CMS.

How to use

The default template (templates/Layout/ is compatible with the silverstrap theme but can be easily overriden by redefining the file in your own theme. Check the original one for an example on how to use this module from a template.

To provide access to the latest news, you can define a function similar to the following one in any of your controllers:

public function LatestNews() {
    $news = DataObject::get_one('FeedReaderPage');
    return $news ? $news->Items(1)->first() : null;

Then you can enhance that page with a template snippet similar to the following one:

<% with $LatestNews %>
<h2>Latest news</h2>
    <p>$Date.Date: $Summary</p>
    <a href="$Link">More ...</a>
<% end_with %>

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