silverstripe-gallery Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 8 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 8 months www: add defaults at database level
5 years 8 months Use better markup for gallery containing

The resulting gallery was too close to the following text and was
exceeding in width the container width. Enclose the gallery inside
<div class="lead col-md-12"> to solves these issues.
5 years 8 months Add support for Colorbox

Allow to zoom the images with a click if Colorbox is present.
5 years 8 months Include COPYING license
5 years 8 months Add references to README

Included links to freshly opened issue tracker and added more info to
the README. Put references on official repositories.
5 years 8 months composer: update
5 years 8 months doc: update to lastest changes

Actually the fork diverged too much from the original project to be
considered derived work, so clarifying it in the README.
5 years 8 months Improve template modularity

Now does not depend on silverstrap anymore.
5 years 8 months Use fotorama instead of ad-gallery

Ad-gallery seems to be no more maintained. I badly needed touch support
and fotorama provides all what I needed (apart colorbox support).

I quickly tried many galleries and fotorama is my choice. The following
list contains some of the viable alternatives:

- [bxSlider](
- [GalleryView](
- [Jssor slider](
- [JCarousel](
5 years 8 months Remove double GalleryImage
5 years 8 months Merge branch 'master' of into dev
5 years 8 months Support sortable and zoomable features

Updated the module to be able to sort the images with drag&drop: now
there is an hard dependency on sortablefile [1] and a soft dependency on
colorbox [2].

Rewrote and improved the overall design.

5 years 8 months Update templates to silverstrap-dev
5 years 8 months Update to SilverStripe 3.1

Now all the static properties are private: modify accordingly.
5 years 9 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 9 months Correct typo in priority label
6 years 2 months Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 2 months Make default template compatible with silverstrap

Rewrote from scratch to make it compatible with latest
(BootStrap 3.1.1 enabled) silverstrap theme.
6 years 7 months Merge upstream
6 years 9 months s/ContactPage/GalleryPage/
6 years 11 months Update composer.json
Commit fefb249f9907a1dbcb1c49c8bc6acf20edc0fad1, by Morven Lewis-Everley
6 years 11 months Add more author info to README
Commit 4b5ee9a2aaffa0ba2eb5485bf419722774743168, by Morven Lewis-Everley
6 years 11 months Update README to be helpful
Commit 5d711b69bbc5e92cff946648538a510b1526b988, by Morven Lewis-Everley
6 years 11 months Add composer.json file for composer / packagist support
Commit 1a920d350ce7d16481ce420e280b0a786e612a71, by Morven Lewis-Everley