silverstripe-gallery Git Change Log

Age Message
5 years 10 months Merge branch 'dev'
5 years 10 months Change Fotorama CDN to cloudfare

The old (and previously suggested!) CDN URL on amazonaws is no more
functional, breaking every gallery around.

The new CDN is still the suggested one... let's hope will stay alive for
more time.
6 years 1 month Use icon from FontAwesome

Just use FontAwesome [1] to be protected from freaking license issues:
Font Awesome by Dave Gandy -
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 month Avoid parsing of image url in Colorbox

This solves a bug when the images are not ending with a proper image
extension: force them to be considered images regardless of their name.
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 month Correct dependencies in composer.json
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 month doc: add usage section
6 years 1 month Implement as an extension to silverstripe-carousel

silverstripe-carousel is already providing a lot of functionality needed
by the gallery: a custom tag in the CMS with fields reordering and some
custom settings.

Now silverstripe-gallery provides only the missing bits: thumbnails
support and the templates to render a gallery instead of a carousel.
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'entidi' into dev
6 years 1 month Merge branch 'dev'
6 years 1 month www: add defaults at database level
6 years 1 month Use better markup for gallery containing

The resulting gallery was too close to the following text and was
exceeding in width the container width. Enclose the gallery inside
<div class="lead col-md-12"> to solves these issues.
6 years 1 month Add support for Colorbox

Allow to zoom the images with a click if Colorbox is present.
6 years 1 month Include COPYING license
6 years 1 month Add references to README

Included links to freshly opened issue tracker and added more info to
the README. Put references on official repositories.
6 years 1 month composer: update
6 years 1 month doc: update to lastest changes

Actually the fork diverged too much from the original project to be
considered derived work, so clarifying it in the README.
6 years 1 month Improve template modularity

Now does not depend on silverstrap anymore.
6 years 1 month Use fotorama instead of ad-gallery

Ad-gallery seems to be no more maintained. I badly needed touch support
and fotorama provides all what I needed (apart colorbox support).

I quickly tried many galleries and fotorama is my choice. The following
list contains some of the viable alternatives:

- [bxSlider](
- [GalleryView](
- [Jssor slider](
- [JCarousel](
6 years 2 months Remove double GalleryImage
6 years 2 months Merge commit '2079f11057532a4f291af2b63ff955e81c20a952' into entidi
6 years 2 months Merge branch 'master' of into dev
6 years 2 months Support sortable and zoomable features

Updated the module to be able to sort the images with drag&drop: now
there is an hard dependency on sortablefile [1] and a soft dependency on
colorbox [2].

Rewrote and improved the overall design.