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The silverstripe-gtkdoc module implements a new page type (Gtkdoc) that allows to import into the pages tree of a SilverStripe based website a reference manual generated by gtk-doc. The gtk-doc page is a typical page and can contain arbitrary text: the reference manual will be shown as a tree of (virtual) pages under it.

The only parameter required is the absolute path to a .devhelp2 file that identifies the gtk-doc reference manual to import. It must be specified into the CMS, under the content tab. The module expects all the html files to be in the same path, as usually done by a pristine gtk-doc installation.

The HTML code is picked up directly from the file system. The usual place where gtk-doc files reside is under /usr/share/gtk-doc/html/ (typical on GNU/Linux platforms) or /usr/local/share/gtk-doc/html/ (on BSD based systems). Those files are checked at every specific request and are updated when required. The updated HTML code is cached in the database under the GtkdocSection table.

For better results, a theme that supports menu with arbitrary nesting levels, such as silverstrap or silverstripe-treeish, is suggested.

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