Provides different ways to interface a SilverStripe based project to the PicasaWeb service using developer API v.2.

There are two kind of Picasaweb objects: photos and albums. They are identified by different links. An album is a Picasaweb link without a fragment identifier, such as A photo is a Picasaweb album link with a fragment identifier appended such as

The editing can be enhanced by including a dedicated shortcode. For example, render [picasa][/picasa] as an album you should include something such as the following line in your _config.php:

ShortcodeParser::get()->register('picasa', array('Picasaweb', 'shortcode'));

Another way to use this module is by augmenting a specific page type by overriding its onBeforeWrite() callback so that the user can just paste a Picasaweb link inside the HTML code. Be careful: in this case you cannot use the Picasaweb link in your templates otherwise the expansion will be called recursively.

Object::add_extension('Page', 'PicasawebExtension');

In this case, the expansion of the Picasaweb links happens before storing the HTML code in the database, avoiding further requests on page hits.

TODO: implement an Object::add_extension('SiteConfig', 'PicasawebConfig') for customizing via CMS the global Picasaweb environment, that is photo and/or album rendering activation and the default thumbnail or zoomed images.

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Nicola Fontana

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