SilverStripe toggle-paginator 

SilverStripe toggle-paginator

A module that provides a GridField component for temporarily switching the pagination on or off. This can be especially useful when used in conjunction with other modules, e.g. I am currently using it with gridfieldmultiselect to execute special actions to a filtered subset of records.


You can install silverstripe-togglepaginator by hand by dropping the directory tree into your SilverStripe root. No flush or dev/build is required.

If you use composer, execute:

composer require entidi/silverstripe-togglepaginator dev-master


Just add the component to the grid field you want disable the pagination on, e.g.:

$grid->getConfig()->addComponent(new GridFieldTogglePaginator());

This by default will add a button on the top right corner of every grid field instance (this can be overriden by providing a different target fragment while calling the constructor). This button will toggle between pagination enabled and pagination disabled.


This project has been developed by ntd. Its home page is shared by other SilverStripe modules and themes.

To check out the code, report issues or propose enhancements, go to the dedicated tracker. Alternatively, you can do the same things by leveraging the official github repository.

Development Team
Nicola Fontana

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