An enhancement to Simple, the default SilverStripe theme by Sara Tušar Suhadolc. This is not a full featured theme because it depends on it.

This extension gives arbitrary nesting levels to submenu, required by silverstripe-gtkdoc, and add some CSS styling to accomodate silverstripe-manpage.


Check if your SilverStripe installation has Simple installed: under the themes/ directory there must be a "simple" folder. If not, grab the theme in the way you prefer and install it.

To install the treeish extension:

  1. unpack the tarball under themes/ (or perform equivalents steps via git)

    cd themes
    wget -O
  2. rename the base directory to "simple_Page"

    mv silverstripe-treeish-master simple_Page

That's it. At the end, your themes directory must contain the folders simple and simple_Page.

Development Team
Nicola Fontana

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