tccv (two columns curriculum vitae) is a LaTeX class inspired by the template found at latextemplates by Alessandro Plasmati.

From a TeXnical point of view this is a complete rewrite. From the user perspective, the most relevant differences from the original template are:

  • this is a class, not a template document;
  • more than one page are handled properly;
  • the fonts are selected from the psnfss collection, so no custom font installation should be required;
  • it is plain LaTeX/Koma-script, so the CV can be compiled with the usual tools, latex and pdflatex included;
  • the implementation is heavily based on custom environments and macros, so the document should be much easier to read (and customize);
  • tccv is based on scrartcl (from Koma-script), not on article.

How to use

You can download the zipped tarball that includes a couple of examples or pick only the relevant LaTeX class.

The code is maintained in a git repository browsable online. A clone of that repository can be found on github: fill free to fork it and extends in any way you like.

A sample PDF generated by the above class is available online.

Development Team
Nicola Fontana

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