VIM Git Change Log

Age Message
6 years 2 months Highlight the current line only if relevant

To be able to highlight the current line I must have enough colors
availables: ensure it before "set cursorline".
6 years 2 months Set background to "dark"

For some unknown reason, the line "colorscheme wombat256" resets the
background to "light". In the code there is no such command (there is
instead a "set background=dark"!?!).
6 years 2 months Update bundles
6 years 3 months Add vimux keybindings
6 years 3 months Include vimux in bundle/
6 years 3 months Make vimrc compatible with vim < 7.3
6 years 8 months Updated bundles
7 years 1 month Disabled line numbering
7 years 3 months Do not set transparency by default on gvim
7 years 3 months Use latest vim-project features
7 years 3 months Changed and updated vim-project bundle
7 years 3 months Moved GUI stuff in gvimrc and added transparency
7 years 4 months Updated bundles
7 years 4 months Added wrap handling
7 years 5 months doc: updated README
7 years 6 months Updated bundles
7 years 10 months Added default softtabstop
7 years 10 months vimrc: enabled modeline
7 years 11 months Changed xoria256 with vim-wombat

The xoria256 theme piddles with the TERM variable and barks every time
it is not set (or if is set to a non 256color value). I use a lot of
different PCs (locally and throught ssh), mainly ubuntu, debian and
archlinux, and noone has the TERM variable set: I'm freaking tired of
setting TERM variables.

The (new) wombat256 does not have this check and seems to not suffer
from the drawback of the original wombat theme (different scheme in text
terminal), so I'm giving it a try.
8 years 2 months Updated bunldes URI to use git scheme
8 years 2 months Included plugin
8 years 2 months Using the standard /tmp directory for swap files
8 years 2 months mv README to enforce markdown syntax
8 years 2 months Added README
8 years 2 months vimtodo automatically enabled for *.todo